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What’s happening in Myanmar

Feb 1Military detains Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint and other leaders from NLD Party, Declares state of emergency, Hands over power to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
Feb 2First meeting of new government held, The State Administration Council was established
Feb 3Staffs from over 70 hospitals participate in Civil Disobedience Movement, NLD offices were raided, MM Police Force filed charges against D.ASSK & President U.WM, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp services were blocked
Feb 4First peaceful protests begins, at least 3 arrested, UN Security Councils calls for release of detained political figures
Feb 5Teachers and some government workers join CDM, D.ASSK’s lawyer calls for her release, Kirin Holdings terminates alliance with MEHL
Feb 6Twitter and Instagram were blocked, Nationwide internet shut down by Junta, Protests ongoing
Feb 7Internet restored, social media platforms remained blocked, Protests are stronger
Feb 8Senior General MAL speaks on national television for 1st time, 8pm-4am curfew was announced, Gatherings of 5 or more were banned
Feb 9An innocent protester passed away from headshot by police, Many others injured by so-called rubber bullets and water cannons.
Feb 10Psywar contents were continuously released, Cyber Law draft was released, National TV channels manipulate news content; airs false news, Planes flying into country carrying unknown goods
Feb 11Regional heads and doctors partaking in CDM arrested at night, Nationwide protests spread to neighboring countries, US impose sanctions on current government
Feb 12Night arrests continue without warrants, Prisoners were released
Feb 13Night arrests continue, Released prisoners cause chaos in several townships; starting fires, poisoning water tanks and encouraging violence
Feb 14CDM spreads, Police open fire, Flights coming in from China, Nationwide internet shutdown from 1am-9am; the same time as flights’ arrival
Feb 15Armored vehicles deployed in major cities, Junta forces shoot into houses, Electronic Transaction Law to be announced, Nationwide internet shutdown from 1am-9am continues
Feb 16-March 10Shooting unarmed protesters, capturing students, night arrests continue, multiple deaths (data till March 9th)

^ Protests ongoing
^ CDM ongoing

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